Are you in pain because your muscles are chronically tight?  Have you overworked your muscles from repetitive activities such as typing or performing a specific job function? Perhaps, sudden exertions, such as gardening, skiing or jogging, have produced injuries or strain?

If you have a physically demanding job or you are stuck in a chair all day you will need to find solutions for resultant muscle strain. For instance, stretching, lengthening and creating more blood circulation will be essential for keeping you pain-free. Tight, overused muscles and joints can cause a pinched nerves which often lead to numbness, tingling and adverse changes to a normal healthy circulation system.

Assessment involves finding the muscles that are already damaged or most at risk, as well as determining what related nerves and areas of circulation have been are affected.  Treatment can involve soft tissue massage, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, as well as neural and vascular mobilization.  To maintain healthy, pain-free muscles it is also important to make adjustments to your daily routine by including such activities as daily stretching, strengthening exercises, posture correction and visualization techniques.