Hip pain? Or, groin pain? Your hip is a ball and socket joint consisting of the femur (thigh bone) and pelvis. Many ligaments support the bones and the numerous muscles providing stability to the hip joint. Because the hip is a major weight bearing joint, sports, excessive lifting and prolonged sitting can put strain on the hip.

An Assessment will determine where there are alignment problems or other imbalances within the ligament and surrounding muscular systems. I will examine your range of motion, strength and joint function, as well as review activities that may be aggravating your condition. Once this examination is complete, we can then work towards bringing everything back into a normal state of alignment and balance.

You are not alone: Statistics Canada estimated “37% of Canadians aged 20 or older who had been diagnosed with arthritis reported osteoarthritis as their only form of the condition. Of these, 12% experienced pain in their hip(s); 29% in their knee(s), and 29% in both.”

Learn to address your hip pain effectively. This is an important investment to help prevent arthritis, one of the most common issues with the hips. The most extreme consequences of arthritis is hip replacement surgery. Hip replacements are on the rise in Canada, in 2016–2017, 55,981 hip replacements were performed. This was a 17.8% increase from 5 years earlier, when there were 47,541 hip replacements. How many of these surgeries could have been prevented? (https://www.cihi.ca/sites/default/files/document/cjrr-annual-report-2018-en.pdf).