Is vertigo (dizziness) or perhaps headaches and jaw pain a regular part of your life? Do these symptoms impact your daily activities or ruin your sleep at night? No matter where you are in the spectrum of pain, from mild to severe, occasional or chronic, relief is available. If you are suffering from pain anywhere in your head, inner ear or jaw then this is a message from your body that should not be ignored. Firstly we will work together to determine the root cause(s) of the problem, whether they be physical, mental, or emotional, then an effective treatment protocol can be developed.

A common physical cause of dizziness, headaches and jaw pain is a misalignment of the cranium. Such misalignments can happen abruptly from a fall, whiplash due to a car accident, or even from dental surgery. Sometimes problems develop over time from mental stresses at work or at home, or from a lack of sleep. Treatment for these conditions can involve the gentle re-aligning of cranial, facial and jaw bones; releasing tight muscles and fascia of the head, and nerve mobilization. Home exercises are a follow-up to ensure the full integration and stabilization of these treatments.