1. We will review your current complaint and issues related to your injury (e.g. when and how it started), your past relevant health history, medications, recreation/leisure activities, aggravating movements/positions, and easing factors.
  2. Your alignment and posture are important to assess initially. Slight shifts throughout the body due to years of compensation and adaptation can create symptoms such as discomfort, pain or restriction. I will look at your whole body alignment; how the vertebrae of the cervical (neck), thoracic (midback), and lumbar (lower back) region are sitting relative to one another. As well, I can assess the alignment of the upper extremity (i.e. shoulder, elbow, and hand) and the lower extremity (i.e. pelvis, hip, knees and feet) and their relative position to each other.
  3. I will carry out a thorough biomechanic assessment. That is, I will look at your range of motion, strength, and flexibility. I can also test ligaments (e.g. if you sprain or have torn a ligament), nerves (e.g. tingling, numbness, radiating pain), and joints (e.g. stability).
  4. For a Maharishi Ayurvedic consultation and acupuncture, I will take your pulse and have you complete a few forms.