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Major credit cards, cheque and cash accepted (interac or debit cards are not currently accepted)

Vancouver Rates:

60 min initial appointment and subsequent: $130

  • Ideal for an initial assessment
  • For those who have more than one ongoing painful area in their body or feel their condition is multi-facets (e.g. misalignment that is affecting your whole spine, shoulders and hips)
  • For those who prefer one hour treatment time.  An hour appointment is ideal for most people
  • Ideal for chronic pain issues, vestibular (vertigo) assessment & treatment, and Ayurvedic consultation

45 min initial appointment and subsequent: $100

  • Good average time for an initial appointment and subsequent appointment for many of the conditions such as strains, sprains, pains that come and go, and maintenance of a manageable chronic condition
  • In general, ideal for one main painful area (rather than multiple related areas)

Other extended appointment times are also available:

90 min appointment for ($170): For multiple issues or chronic issues that need more time for assessment and follow-up treatment.  More thorough assessment and treatment.

120 min appointment ($230): If you like one hour, a two hour session is the most complete and thorough in assessment and treatment.  A combination of an orthopaedic assessment and Ayruvedic assessment can be completed in this time.

Seniors discount:

Patients 65 years and over receive a $5 discount on the above services.


Salt Spring Rates:

60 min initial appointment and subsequent: $110


Extended Health Benefits:

Your private or work extended health coverage may cover a portion of your physiotherapy fees. Please check your policy. A receipt for physiotherapy services will be given after each visit.

ICBC Visits:

Fees for all appointments & missed appointments are as per the above fee schedule and are the responsibility of the client. Receipts are provided for client submission to ICBC for re-imbursement. *Please note that clients require a new doctor’s referral every 3 months for continued ICBC covered service.

No Show Charges:

The visit fee will be charged for missed appointments and appointments canceled with less than 24 hours notice.