Having problems with your digestion? Gas, bloating, acid reflux, urinary frequency or urgency? These are some of the most common symptoms of discomfort originating from our digestive tract. They can alert us to the likelihood that there is an imbalance present somewhere in this complex bodily system. An assessment of your digestion involves examining the structural imbalances that affect normal function.

Organs are muscles that work 24-7. If you have challenged your digestive system with over work, lack of sleep, fast foods, poor posture, surgeries, over work, or simply the everyday stresses of a modern life, then imbalances can occur. Discomfort, pain and even serious disease can be the result. If you are experiencing digestive symptoms like those mentioned here, then it’s time to pay attention!

Being an Ayurvedic Health Professional and having a degree in Nutritional Sciences allows me to view the digestive system in a holistic way. I utilize the specialized modalities of Visceral Manipulation (gentle organ work), Visceral Vascular Therapy (mobilizing the circulation of the organs) as well as acupressure and marma point therapy in my assessments and throughout subsequent treatments.

These modalities help release organ stresses, tightness and misalignments. Through my treatments you will learn how to regain proper organ function and mobility through exercises, stretches and dietary recommendations. This will ultimately help you develop healthy daily routines and good habits for a happy digestive system.