Do you feel out of line with your alignment?

One shoulder is more forward; your ribs are sticking out assymmetrically? Do you look twisted in the mirror, or is one pant leg is shorter than the other?

If this your alignment is concerning you, and you think it might be contributing to your symptoms of pain and discomfort, it’s time for an alignment check and correction. We look from head to toe to see what part of the body is out of line and what other parts might be compensating. Do you remember that fun kid song “Dem Bones” where “the leg bone is connected to the knee bone….the knee bone is connected to the thigh bone….” Well, it’s true, and more so when we explain to you how your tight thigh bone is connect to the forward shoulder bone, and how your shoulder bone is connected to your aching head bone. Yes, it’s all connected and we’ll tell you how.

Treatment involves correcting the key misalignments using soft tissue techniques (ie. Massage or fascial release), joint mobilization, strengthening, stretching, and such. The solutions to stay in alignment can involve activities such as changing poor postural habits (e.g. not crossing your legs) or work or home ergonomics.