Much like an annual physical exam by your family doctor, a mobility assessment from your physiotherapist is key to detecting and alleviating problems before they get worse. Don’t we all want to maintain our mobility so we can enjoy doing the activities that make us happy no matter what our age? Knowing how to prevent stiffness and arthritic symptoms ensures that we stay mobile, active and vibrant later in life. Ageing healthfully and gracefully is the name of the game.

Statistics Canada says that “Individuals aged 65 and older were more likely to have one or more chronic health conditions such as hypertension (53%), arthritis (43%) and back problems (29%) compared to those aged 45 to 64 (24%, 20% and 25%, respectively).” The medical evidence is strong. Arthritis and back problems significantly affect many of us for years, before we explore health options to reverse these often preventable problems.

The Annual Mobility Assessment is ideal for those who believe in a preventative approach to health and wellness. It is also designed for those at the other end of the spectrum who think their problems are simply age-related, and therefore, without a solution. During your personalized Annual Mobility Assessment, I will review the range of motion of your joints and look closely at how well your muscles are balanced. Treatment involves strategies including stretches, strengthening exercises and daily routines that will keep your joints lubricated, muscles limber and your body moving properly.