Unsure how to recover properly and safely from an injury? Frustrated about recurring aches, pains and injury to your body?

If you have an injury that is worrying you and difficult to recover from, you are not alone. Recovering from an injury or accident can be a challenge. When this happens, you wonder why your body isn’t cooperating and the process of healing can be frustrating. Confusion ensues when we are given contradicting advice from health professionals and people around you. Do you rest or push through the pain? Do you ice, heat or both? Do you wrap the injury or not? And all you want to do is return to your daily activities, work and sports. But how?! And when?!

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Freedom From Aches and Pains. You can learn how to return to daily activities and recreation.

Imagine how it would feel to know how and when to return to your chosen activities without fear of re-injury. How it would feel to be strong, flexible, and healthy again. How it would feel to have foresight and tune into your body to prevent future injuries. You can discover great strategies for lifelong injury-free activities and sports so you can reach your personal best.

I can help you subside your aches and pains, rebuild a strong healthy body, and keep your body feeling happy!

For almost 20 cumulative years, I have coached sports, performed research on injuries and worked as a physiotherapist. I am passionate about teaching my clients how they can successfully relieve their aches and pains, increase performance and have a happy body. I offer you an integrated and holistic approach to health. In physiotherapy, I span the range of orthopaedic manual therapy (e.g. joint mobilization, massage) to the more subtle techniques (e.g. craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation). I am also trained in Acupuncture, Ayurveda and Nutrition. I incorporate these modalities into my holistic physio assessment and treatment.

One of the best strategies for success is to have a physiotherapist who has achieved the success you want.

I am dedicated to finding ways to achieve the greatest potential in my health and happiness.  Then I translate that to my patients. You can learn what it takes to be pain free and reach your ultimate potential! We will work together. My hope is that you will end up saving yourself a lot of frustration, learn more about your body, and feel happier and healthier!

I look forward to meeting you and working together to make your aches and pains a thing of the past!

Micheline Wong, MHSc, BSc(PT), CAFCI
Registered Physiotherapist