Do you feel your body is out of alignment? For example, is one shoulder leaning further forward than the other? Do your ribs stick out more on one side? When looking in the mirror, does your body look twisted?

If your alignment is a cause for concern, and you feel it might be contributing to your symptoms of pain and discomfort, then it’s time for an alignment assessment.  We will assess your body from head to toe to determine which parts are out of alignment and determine how this is affecting the rest of the body. Sometimes the body overcompensates for misalignment issues effecting parts of the body a long way from the original problem area.

Remember that fun kid song titled, Dem Bones where “the leg bone is connected to the knee bone…the knee bone is connected to the thigh bone….”  Well, it’s true, and more so when I tell you that the thigh bone is also connect to the shoulder bone and the shoulder bone is connected to your head bone.  Yes, it’s all connected and I’ll tell you how.

Treatment involves correcting the key misalignments through soft tissue techniques such as massage, fascial release, joint mobilization, stretching and strengthening. Everyday solutions to alignment issues can be found by simply changing poor postural habits such as not crossing your legs, to standing up after long periods of sitting, to being conscious of home or work place ergonomics.