Published Articles, Print, Audio and Video

Presentations and Internal Reports

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  4. Wong M. Holistic Erogonomics: Be Healthy in the Warehouse.  Presentation at Canaan Group, Vancouver, November 2015.
  5. Wong M.  Understanding the Causes of Scoliosis: East Meets West, Presentation at Twisted Outreach Project for Back Care and Scoliosis (TOPS), Vancouver, April 2015.
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  7. Olsen L, Wong M, Scanlan A, MacKay M, and Raina P. Sport and recreation injuries among children and youth: Profiles from western and central Canada. Internal Report for Fifth World Conference on Injury Prevention and Control. New Delhi, India. March 5-8, 2000.

Video and Print

  1. Wong M and Bodwal S. One Stretch a Month: Your 2014 Calender Reminder, January 2014
  2. Wong M and Davids LP. Let’s Get into Musical Shape! Simple Exercises to Increase Flexibility and Prevent Injury. Grey Dolphin Media, 2012.

Referred Papers

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Book Chapters

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