Links to colleagues I refer to:

Visceral (organ) work:

Judy Russell (physiotherapist),

Brett Stevenson:

Annabel MacKenzie (teacher of Visceral Manipulation):

Herta Buller, RMT: (778) 928-5221

Gaelen Gibson:


Sports-related Physio:   

Wendy Epp and Nadine Plotnikoff:

Helen Ries:

Kate Kennedy:


Craniosacral Therapy:  

Bob Fong, Jericho Physiotherapy Clinic,

David Bailey:


Connecting the body holistically/Ring Approach (rib physiotherapy): 

Mark Finch:

Any physiotherapist at Synergy Physiotherapy Clinic, North Vancouver:

Helen Ries:


Women’s Health/pelvic floor:

Gillian McCormick:

Marcy Dayan and colleagues:


Lymph Drainage:

Grace Dedinsky-Rutherford:

Colleen Boddez, RMT:


Massage Therapist:

Les Crawford:

Joy Uemoto:

Colleen Boddez, RMT:

Dunbar Massage Clinic:

Mount Pleasant Massage Therapy:


Physiotherapy Links:

Physiotherapy Association of B.C. (P.A.B.C.)
A useful site for ‘physio facts’ and information about physiotherapy in B.C.

Canadian Physiotherapy Association (C.P.A.)
A comprehensive site for information about physiotherapy including the history of physiotherapy and helpful tips for back care, gardening, golfing and walking. Take the C.P.A. mobility quiz and learn more about your body.

College of Physical Therapists of B.C. (C.P.T.B.C.)
The C.P.T.B.C. sets the standards for entry into the profession, registers qualified physical therapists, establishes and enforces rules and regulations that govern all registrants. The College develops programs to promote the highest standards of physical therapy.

What you need to know about Physical therapy
A very comprehensive site that offers information about physiotherapy as well as access to anatomy and medical terminology including types of injuries and conditions.

Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute
What makes the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute unique is that we offer nine levels of courses in both anatomical and classical acupuncture teaching.

Upledger Institute
The Upledger Institute is the source of information and training for Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation and Lymph Drainage Techniques. A recommended site if you want to read more about the benefits of these therapies used at Jericho Physiotherapy

Barral Institute
The Barral Institute is the source of information and training for Visceral Manipulation.

Orthopedic Shoes

Balance And Dizziness Disorders Society
Support for people with balance, dizziness, and related vestibular and hearing problems – through – public awareness & professional education & self-help group supportive activities.

Acutonics Sound Healing: (
The website for describing Acutonics sound healing and training.

Exercises for Musicians
A musician is like an athlete; he/she must be fit in order to perform well. The most used and abused part of a musician’s body are his hands.

Musicians Health and Exercises
An eclectic DIY resource site for those seeking neuro-tech autonomy.

Transcendental Meditation
The TM Technique is a simple, natural, effortless mental technique practiced for 20 minutes twice daily. The deep rest and mental enlivenment have been show through over 600 scientific studies to improve mind, body, behavior and environment.
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