FAQ Phone Consultation

Why have a phone consultation?

Having a phone consultation from Micheline is an accessible way to have questions answered and concerns addressed regarding your condition or progress in physical therapy. 

Micheline’s consultation practice offers physical therapy as well as lifestyle and diet tips for the prevention and treatment of physical disorders.  Assessment, consultation and treatment are provided by Micheline Wong, Registered Physiotherapist with over 15 years of cumulative experience in coaching, research and physiotherapy clinical experience. 

** Please note that if you have a medical condition that concerns you, consult your family physician. Also, inform your physician before making changes in your health program, including lifestyle, diet, and exercise.  All information is provided for educational purposes.

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Who is eligible for a phone consultation?

Anyone who has already been seen by Micheline Wong face-to-face for an initial assessment.

Anyone who is a Canadian Citizen. 

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What is my investment for a phone consultation?

Fee: $60 per half hour or $110 per hour

For questions or more info on consultations, scheduling, and fees please email michelinewong@hotmail.com.

Payment in full is due before or at the time of your consultation. 

Payment for telephone consultations is made through Pay Pal.com in order to avoid attending to payment issues during your consultation.

Thank you for using PayPal to pay for the consultation:

ATTN: Payments listed will be adjusted up or down on a pro-rated basis if your appointment takes significantly less or more time than that listed (prorated $60 per half hour).

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What days are available for appointments?

 Tuesdays or weekend appointments are currently available.

 Please be sure the appointment time you requested by email or voice message has been confirmed through email or phone by Micheline Wong.

 Cancellation Policy

 I kindly request at least 24 hour notice should you need to cancel or reschedule.

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What kind of conditions does your practice address?

I address the prevention and treatment of any acute or chronic physical condition.  This includes:

  • Orthopedic conditions such as strains, sprains, arthritis, back and neck pain, musculoskeletal disorders, post-surgical rehabilitation (e.g. total knee or hip replacement surgery, menisectomy, ACL repair, etc), as well as chronic pain, arthritis and fatigue.
  • Vertigo or Vestibular Rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation, return to work or sports activities, and progression of specific Exercises For Strength, Flexibility, Alignment, Posture, Balance & Return to Function, sports, and daily activities
  • Education In Ergonomics & Lifestyle Management

If you are not sure whether we treat your condition, please feel free to contact Micheline (michelinewong@hotmail.com).

If you require a hands-on approach (that is, you would prefer to see a physical therapist in person), please book an appointment with me in Vancouver, B.C or find a referral for physical therapist in your area.  If a more complete medical approach or prescription drug usage, please see your family medical doctor or primary care physician.

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What kind of conditions do you NOT address?

I do not evaluate or treat acute conditions that require immediate medical attention such as acute kidney stones, gallbladder attacks, urinary tract infections or other acute infections.  For immediate evaluation and help with these conditions, it is recommended that you consult with your primary care physician, or seek immediate treatment at your local urgent care center or hospital emergency room. 

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What types of therapies will be recommended for my health condition(s)?

Micheline uses the principles of physical therapy and rehabilitation in her recommendations.  This includes an orthopaedic and biomechanical approach that focuses on range of motion, strength, flexibility, balance, function and movement.  Micheline also makes recommendations on natural approaches that support the body’s own inner intelligence (which is the basis of all healing).  These recommendations are originate from acupuncture and Maharishi Ayurveda and include lifestyle and daily routine, dietary, stress reduction techniques, nutrition and purification approaches that directly rebalance and enliven the body’s deepest level. 

Please also see the Services section.

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Will I receive an insurance form to send in to my health insurance company?

At your request, I will provide a receipt for your physiotherapy visit that you can send in to your insurance company. 

Please keep in mind that your insurance company alone determines whether and how much they will reimburse for your visit.  I encourage you to consult your insurance company before your visit or phone consultation if you are concerned about coverage for your visit.

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How can I keep my appointment time down to a minimum?  I am on a tight budget.

The following tips will help to make your appointment most efficient:

  •     Let Micheline know of your intention before the consultation begins.
  •     Fill out and email or mail your forms ahead of your appointment time so that Micheline can begin to review and consider your issues in advance.
  •     Along with the completed forms, provide a brief written summary  (1 or 2 paragraphs) of the most important issue you wish to discuss, what you hope to gain from the consultation and any questions you have.
  •     Limit your consultation to the most important health problem you have and save other issues for a future visit.

Appointment Confirmation

Please be sure the appointment time you requested by email or voice message has been confirmed through email or phone by Micheline Wong.

Cancellation Policy

I kindly request at least 24 hour notice should you need to cancel or reschedule.

Policy Changes

Please note that the policies described in this practice brochure are subject to change without notice. It is advisable to consult this website periodically for the latest updates on her practice.


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